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Where did the name HypatiaDB come from? Simple, the DB part means DataBase and Hypatia was the most famous librarian of all time. She was the fabled last librarian of the Great Library of Alexandria, the most illustrious library of the ancient world. Learn more.

What is HypatiaDB?

Welcome to the easiest way to make your personal and business data available via a web browser. The design principle behind HypatiaDB is to make a simple clone of Microsoft's Access database manager. Much like Microsoft Access, HypatiaDB is intended for end-users. You can easily create new databases, new tables and new reports. You can edit the data in tabular format or in per record forms. You can search, filter and group your data. You can import data and export data.

HypatiaDB is installed on a system which can function as a web-server. Normally, this would mean a Linux, Unix or Windows NT system. HypatiaDB also needs the open source, free MySQL database and the open source, free PHP application server. Once you have downloaded and installed these, you can then download and install HypatiaDB. You will then be able to create, manage and use your data from any PC running Windows, Linux, MacOS X or any device with a standard web-browser.

What's different about HypatiaDB?

We wanted to make an end-user application, one that any average non-technical person could learn to use and enjoy. We had looked at useful tools such as phpMyAdmin but decided that whilst these were great for database managers and technical people. they were too intimidating for normal users.

What's the intention of this tool?

Simple. Our project's aim is to create a complete, viable replacement for Microsoft's Access database manager. We want all the core features that users need in Microsoft Access to be available in HypatiaDB. This does not mean that we will replicate every feature, but we aim to cover the important ones. There are some obvious features that we don't need to built into HypatiaDB to make it as useful as Microsoft Access; a scripting language is one example, as the complete source code to HypatiaDB is itself written in a scripting language and completely open for you to peruse, learn from and extend to your whims. We are also bot building a fat-client application which only runs on one platform By this, we mean that where Microsoft's Access is Windows-based and runs within a proprietary environment on a single workstation/PC, we want HypatiaDB to be universally available to any platform.

Last updated 2004-06-25

Latest project news.

 Comment by sjdalf
2004-06-25. After a several-month hiatus, work on HypatiaDB is hopefully to soon recommence.
 Comment by conz
2004-03-06. Today we are releasing version 0.1, the first public alpha release of HypatiaDB.
 Comment by conz
2004-02-01. Today we have a working core of the HypatiaDB system
 Comment by conz
2003-12-12. Today we began designing the HypatiaDB system

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